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A Quick Guide to Goat Breeds

Altogether there are over three hundred different goat breeds and the history of goats goes back to 10,000 years ago. Goats are one of the most versatile of all animals when it comes to use by humans. We use goats for milk, meat, fiber, as pack animals, to clear our lawns, and many people keep […]

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Goat Farming: Getting Back to Basics

Whether you’re interested in goat farming to raise pets, or start a meat or dairy operation, it can be both enjoyable and profitable. To ensure your goat farm is a success, consider the following ideas about suitable geography, breeds, essential tools and caring for goats. Geography Spaces for feeding, shelter and milking are critical factors […]

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The Many Uses Of Goats

Goats are truly useful both when they are alive and even after death, offering meat and milk as the skin offering hide. A charity is involved in providing goats to poor people in Africa. The main advantage was that goats are easy to manage than cattle and have multiple uses. Meat The goat meat is […]

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